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Articles from the pages of Rally, Comrades! on the crisis in Michigan

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September / October 2014

Independent Politics in the Fall Elections

The U.S. economy continues to teeter on the edge, as we enter the fall election campaign. The transition to automation and robotic production has made the capitalist organization of economic life fundamentally unsustainable. As employment shrinks and wages decline, the …

Inside: The Future is Up to Us

Unconsciously or consciously, in small or big ways, history is the record of human activity. We make our own history. Not in just any old way, but as part of a whole, in the thoughts and actions of all. Often, …

Program of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America

The United States of America — indeed the entire world — is in the throes of epochal economic revolution. Transformation from electro-mechanical industry requiring human labor to operate gigantic means of industrial production to digitally controlled production requiring little or no human …

General Gordon Baker Jr.: Evolution of a Revolutionary

General Gordon Baker Jr. of Detroit is one of the most significant 20th century revolutionaries.  On Sunday May 18, 2014 he passed away. As a founding member of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the Communist Labor Party, and the …

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Featured Article

New Stage of the Movement, Build an Organization of Revolutionaries

One out of five children in America are at risk of hunger while 442 billionaires wallow in obscene wealth. People are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, healthcare and other necessities. They are beginning to fight. Everywhere their demands …

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Mission Statement

Rally, Comrades! is the political paper of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. If you are one of the thousands of revolutionaries around the country looking for a perspective on the problems we face today, and for a political strategy to achieve the goal of a world free from exploitation and poverty, then Rally, Comrades! is for you.

Rally, Comrades! examines and analyzes the real problems of the revolutionary movement, and draws political conclusions for the tasks of revolutionaries at each stage of the revolutionary process. We reach out to revolutionaries wherever they may be to engage in debate and discussion, and to provide a forum for these discussions. Rally, Comrades! provides a strategic outlook for revolutionaries by indicating and illuminating the line of march of the revolutionary process.

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