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Homelessness Front Line in the Fight for Class Unity
Fight for Basic Needs is the Fight Against Fascism

Current Issue

March / April 2017

Next Steps in the Fight for Housing as a Human Right

For almost two centuries during the period of the growth of industrial capitalism, workers frequently faced housing shortages, because working class housing was generally less profitable for builders than housing for the ruling classes. Housing crises tended to come and …

Inside: Strategy, Vision and the Way Forward

The election and actions of Donald Trump have given rise to a broad debate about the future of our country. The millions who are marching and speaking out in defense of their basic right to survival are demanding that the …

Class Unity Decisive in Fight for New Society

As the workers awaken to the truth of their conditions, the necessity for unity is becoming a decisive factor in the struggle for a new society. Unity seems to be an apparent and obvious thing. The old sayings say as …

Globalization and Internationalism

The ever-extending globalization of the economy has created a new reality filled with problems and opportunities for those of us who are fighting for a better world. As we struggle for the basic economic necessities of life, as well as …

The Special Revolutionary Role of Women

The 2016 electoral environment in the United States reflected the stance that women were second-class citizens. Even though there was a female candidate for President, the verbal rants about women and toward women were degrading and demeaning. In response, there …

From the Editors: An Epoch of Social Revolution

Ours is a time of social upheaval, of a growing groundswell surging up from below, bent on both resisting and resolving the crisis of our time. This movement is precipitated by the introduction into human history of the hitherto unthinkable …

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Analysis of Forces: Indispensable to Revolutionary Strategy

In every quantitative stage of development the ruling class creates its own opposition that serves as a means of controlling the working class. The ruling class attempts to corral and dissipate the inevitable upsurges, while at the same time using …

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Mission Statement

Rally, Comrades! is the political paper of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. If you are one of the thousands of revolutionaries around the country looking for a perspective on the problems we face today, and for a political strategy to achieve the goal of a world free from exploitation and poverty, then Rally, Comrades! is for you.

Rally, Comrades! examines and analyzes the real problems of the revolutionary movement, and draws political conclusions for the tasks of revolutionaries at each stage of the revolutionary process. We reach out to revolutionaries wherever they may be to engage in debate and discussion, and to provide a forum for these discussions. Rally, Comrades! provides a strategic outlook for revolutionaries by indicating and illuminating the line of march of the revolutionary process.

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