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Flint on the Front Lines in the Fight for a New America

Articles from the pages of Rally, Comrades! on the crisis in Michigan

The U.S. Elections and the Tasks of Revolutionaries

Articles from the pages of Rally,Comrades! on the elections and the Way Forward for America

Current Issue

November / December 2016

After the Elections: Which Way Forward?

It’s over. But it’s not. When the election campaigns began more than a year ago, over half of the people said they thought the country was going in the wrong direction. Today seventy-five per cent of the people say the …

Inside: Fight for a New America Underway

“In this election, with this time, we’re going to have to pick one or the other. It’s kind of like picking chairs on the titanic. I’d rather have other options.”   “Neither one of them are watching out for us. They …

Political Crisis Today Like No Other in American History

Today, the political party system is in crisis. A fundamental shift in the economy, brought on by technology that no longer requires human labor, has caused the elimination of millions of jobs, leaving the workers desperately searching for the necessities …

Still Searching for Redress: Millions Seek New Vision

The participation of broad sections of the new class in the 2016 Sanders Democratic Party primary election campaign created an important opportunity for the development of its consciousness. The class achieves its political independence in a series of partial and …

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Featured Article

Demonized and Deported, Both Parties Blame Immigrants

“There are an estimated 232 million international migrants and 740 million internal migrants in the world.” — World Migration Report, 2015 Unprecedented numbers of unemployed are forced to migrate from the countryside into their country’s festering slums, or across borders …

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Mission Statement

Rally, Comrades! is the political paper of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. If you are one of the thousands of revolutionaries around the country looking for a perspective on the problems we face today, and for a political strategy to achieve the goal of a world free from exploitation and poverty, then Rally, Comrades! is for you.

Rally, Comrades! examines and analyzes the real problems of the revolutionary movement, and draws political conclusions for the tasks of revolutionaries at each stage of the revolutionary process. We reach out to revolutionaries wherever they may be to engage in debate and discussion, and to provide a forum for these discussions. Rally, Comrades! provides a strategic outlook for revolutionaries by indicating and illuminating the line of march of the revolutionary process.

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