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Peace – A Life or Death Question

Why is the U.S. now threatening to invade Venezuela and to go to war against Iran? The first thing we have to do, is understand the context for what is happening in the world today. Basically speaking, that context begins from the reality that war is a political inevitability under capitalism. It isn’t as if the U.S. has to plan to go to war. They have a plan that includes war.

They can’t avoid it. War becomes so entangled as an instrument of policy, that if the policy is going to be put forward, war becomes the inevitable means of developing and implementing that policy.

U.S. military policy is designed to create regional instability and conflicts around the world, as a counter to the growing economic influence of its adversaries. The crisis in Venezuela and the U.S. role in it, is signaling future military aggression against other countries, who will not submit to U.S. demands. These conditions set the context for war in the world. Military intervention against Venezuela today would engulf Latin America in a regional war. Tomorrow it could be Iran, as a means to position the U.S. to attack China, which could turn into a full-scale world war.

If not prevented, U.S. global strategy will likely wreak havoc on the peoples of the world.

Around the globe, deepening economic and political polarization define the times. As the U.S. loses its economic dominance in the world, it is increasing its war footing. U.S. military policy is designed to create regional instability and conflicts around the world.

The U.S. has to clear away all political opposition to its strategy. The U.S. has worked in tandem with corporations, the police, and the military, and in some cases, the transnational drug cartels to disrupt, attack, and overturn Latin American socialist governments and replace them with right-wing and fascist governments. These steps cannot be separated from the worldwide coordinated effort to build a front/network of right-wing and fascist parties in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and to which we can add the undemocratic regimes of the Middle East, and parts of Africa and Asia. To protect its private property interests, a rising global ruling class is creating a fascist world order and is conceptualizing a fascist world view.

At the same time, in a desperate fight for more markets, more profit, more everything, the ruling class is stage by stage – based first on an interconnected economic system facilitated by digital communication – tying the world together, shaping a world culture, and laying the foundation for world revolution. This is being done with the most highly developed level of means of production in human history. The needs of the global masses can only be realized through the revolutionary construction of a peaceful, cooperative society, based on the public ownership of the socially necessary means of production and the distribution of the social product according to need.

Peace is a life and death question for the masses. It is now a matter of survival for humanity itself. To impose peace on the war-makers is a profoundly revolutionary act. It means creating a society where exploitation and inequality can be done away with, ending war forever.

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