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Inside: Humanity Faces Two Paths

The corporate State and the system of private property stand in the way of humanity’s creating an economic system that conforms to the new conditions and for the common good. Humanity faces two paths: Either a society based on fascism …

Homelessness: Sign of a Broken System

The past two years have revealed a shocking rise in homelessness in virtually every corner of the nation. Los Angeles County homelessness rose 23% in 2017. New York City moved 38,000 people from shelters into permanent housing in 2015, but …

Next Steps in the Fight for Housing as a Human Right

For almost two centuries during the period of the growth of industrial capitalism, workers frequently faced housing shortages, because working class housing was generally less profitable for builders than housing for the ruling classes. Housing crises tended to come and …

Class Unity Decisive in Fight for New Society

As the workers awaken to the truth of their conditions, the necessity for unity is becoming a decisive factor in the struggle for a new society. Unity seems to be an apparent and obvious thing. The old sayings say as …

The End of Money

In a capitalist system, second only to the laws of nature, money drives the world around us. In our society, money is real world power, and a small capitalist class holds more of that power every day, while the working …

Still Searching for Redress: Millions Seek New Vision

The participation of broad sections of the new class in the 2016 Sanders Democratic Party primary election campaign created an important opportunity for the development of its consciousness. The class achieves its political independence in a series of partial and …

Inside: Elections Unmask Crisis

America is in turmoil. If the electoral process underway does nothing else, it has unmasked a deep economic crisis, which is fast becoming a political crisis. Everything is polarizing based on changes in the economy. Throughout society people’s lives are …

The European Union and the Fall of Social Democracy

Social Democracy originated as a political ideology with the goal of establishing “democratic socialism,” through reformist and gradualist methods. Social Democracy in Europe, as it developed in the post-WW II era, advocates reforming rather than replacing capitalism, through regulation of the economy, support …

Inside: Our Right to What We Need

In the U.S. today, a growing movement is taking shape that is increasingly demanding that government agencies and elected officials take responsibility for the welfare of the people. At its center are those struggling for clean and affordable water, for food, housing, public education and …

The Global Economy in the Epoch of Electronics

There persists among the people a great sense of unease, of anxiety and even anger, as if we all know deep down that we are a house built on shifting sands, and our times are characterized by instability, polarization, unrest …

Inside: History is on Our Side

The polls have been telling us for some time now that the American people do not believe that the country is headed in the right direction. There is a sense that something is fundamentally wrong and that revolutionary solutions are …

Reconstruct Society on a New Basis

A recent survey by the Brookings Institution found 42% of the American people believe that capitalism is either “not working too well” or “not working at all.” It also found that 44% believed that capitalism and the free market system …

A World to Win

Any approach to planning, whether it is a corporation, a military unit or an organization, has to start off with an estimate of the entire situation. Once we understand what we are facing we are then able to talk in …

Only a Cooperative Society Can End Hunger

“More than a billion people suffer from chronic malnutrition. . . . More than thirty million people die of malnutrition and starvation every year – nearly 100,000 every day.” – Global Policy Forum, “World Food and Hunger”.

Rising Global Ruling Class Transforming World Economy and Society

Today a rising global ruling class is accumulating unprecedented wealth, not so much from buying labor power and extracting surplus value, but mainly through financial transactions that are increasingly removed from actual production. At the same time, this class is …

Revolution in Health Care Demands Revolutionary Vision

The crisis in health care shows the inability of capitalism to function as a viable economic system. The crisis is conditioned by the development of electronic forces of production. Revolutionary change in the way goods and services are produced, including …

Public Banks and Class Politics

The 2008 world financial meltdown and Wall Street bank bailouts have put the nationalization of banks back on the political agenda in America for the first time in 100 years. There have been calls to nationalize failing Wall Street banks, …

Debt as a Class Weapon

Government debt is the number one excuse for cutting spending on essential goods, services and infrastructure. The recent political manipulation of public opinion over increasing the U.S. government debt ceiling had a calculated conclusion. All the squabbling politicians – whether …

Consciousness of Class Interests Decisive to U.S. Budget Battles

The maturing global economic crisis is intensifying, now measured by its increasingly destructive impact on the budgets of U.S. states and local governments. The massive layoffs across America that began in the fall of 2008 and continue, combined with nearly …

LRNA Draft Political Resolution

We are living in revolutionary times. Ideas and institutions, ripped from their social foundations, are not yet rooted in something new. There is a growing core of the population whose interests can no longer be addressed except by addressing the …

Detroit: City on the Edge of Forever

“So goes Detroit, so goes America.” Detroit faces economic, social and political catastrophe. Detroit’s root problem is a changing economy, with capitalism completing all stages of development, and in transition to a new social system. History of the City Modern …

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Photo by Cynthia Cuza

The age-old vision of a world without scarcity, without exploitation, class domination, organized violence, and stultifying labor has been the dream of millenia. The new completely socialized labor-eliminating means of production ... sets the basis for its realization. Now human history can begin, the light of the individual shining in the full brightness of liberated life, that can only be realized within true equality and cooperation: communism, a cooperative society.

'Without Vision, the People Perish'
Rally, Comrades ! May/June 2011

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Rally, Comrades! is the political paper of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. If you are one of the thousands of revolutionaries around the country looking for a perspective on the problems we face today, and for a political strategy to achieve the goal of a world free from exploitation and poverty, then Rally, Comrades! is for you.

Rally, Comrades! examines and analyzes the real problems of the revolutionary movement, and draws political conclusions for the tasks of revolutionaries at each stage of the revolutionary process. We reach out to revolutionaries wherever they may be to engage in debate and discussion, and to provide a forum for these discussions. Rally, Comrades! provides a strategic outlook for revolutionaries by indicating and illuminating the line of march of the revolutionary process.

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